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Whazzup, you pickle!

Lately I’ve been trying to reflect more on how I am as person and how other people view me. I got some criticism at my work from my boss, nothing serious but something I needed to improve. I do consider myself open to criticism. Until I heard that. It just felt so alien for me, and yet I couldn’t deny it. I don’t wanna be too personal about what was said, but it wasn’t how I want people to view me.


Which made me think of how I view myself, because thats a picture that has been unchanged since my teenage years, other then I’m hopefully less dumb now. That is my view of myself, but what I haven’t really consider is that is not probably how people will see me as anymore. The fact is that I’m a pretty average built white male with a work that for some might consider intimidating at first glance.

Although the positive from this is that I actually feel like I’ve gotten some really valuable feedback on how people view me and how some misunderstandings I didn’t really made sense of before is clearer now. I think one aspect about myself I really could improve upon is asking more questions when I’m not sure, and provide more positive feedback. I’m pretty terrible at the first one, and to be honest, I’m probably bad at it because I’m also pretty bad at taking positive feedback. I often feel that it’s hallow if people give it often. But that doesn’t mean I have to give none at all.

So here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Do you feel like your view of yourself matches how other views you?
  • Tell us about a flaw about yourself that you are trying improve upon or have improved in.
  • Do your personality behave differently in different environments? Like in different social groups or on the internet?
  • Or talk about anything.

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