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Good morning everyone!

Yesterday something happen I can’t even comprehend, someone got upset with me. What, why? I’ve never had any ill intentions for anyone, and I didn’t mess up at work recently. So who would? Well I made a joke against someone who was depressed. And he couldn’t really handle any sort of sarcasm whatsoever. I was aware of that but sometimes when I chat with people I tend to write before thinking. So it was my fault, I did try to apologize afterwards. But he was not ready for that.


But it made me think. This doesn’t happen as much ones you are among the elite group called “grow ups”. Personally I don’t really stay upset with people. If they are rude you just ignore them, and most people at work has the common sense to not start anything. If I was upset with someone it doesn’t even feel worth it to bring it into conflict most of the time. I’m curious if this is something you guys and gals can relate to.

Yesterday I bought and played Dishwasher: Vampire smile together with a friend. Its an old Xbox arcade game that finally made it to PC. And I am glad to say the pc version is really good. This is a game I feel deserved more attention than it got. So if you enjoyed Salt and Sanctuary, the developers previous game, I recommend giving it a try.

Anyway, here are some subjects to talk about:

-When was the last time someone was mad at you?

-When were you mad at someone?

-Any underrated game you feels deservs more attention?

-Or just talk about anything!

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