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Yoyo yo Tay!

I know this might surprise you all. But I spend a lot of time on the internet! I don’t think I have problem, or I don’t think I have less of a problem than anyone else have. (Which by the way, is something someone REALLY addicted would say.) But I am starting to be a bit bothered with how I notice myself reach for the cell phone in the middle of a conversation to check something. The sad truth is, often in those situations I have absolutely nothing to check. I’m just restless.


And I do really mean that I have nothing to check, because I have most likely checked all my regular sites several of times already. Which is the most scary thing about all of this, I don’t really have that many sites to check. It feels like the more the internet grows the less my tentacles tries to squeeze it. The sites I read are two different news sites, then I go over to Kotaku and read some of the stuff there, then Tay, then I head over to youtube and see whats new there. That’s pretty much it. There are other sites I can check too, but these are the ones I check reguarly. I have all the information in the world at my tentacles and I am microscopical limited with it. There must be hundreds of sites out there I would have loved to read. But I don’t.

I mean it’s not really a problem or anything. It’s just... is this all there is? It has to be more. So why am I not out there looking for it? I should be out there exploring the world. On the internet. I’ve had enough of this. I have go out there. I mean it. I go now and wont come back. Farewell forever!


I got bored.

Anyhow, here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • What sites do you visit regularly?
  • Do you recall a site that took up a lot of your time before but you never visit these days? (Like for example, Myspace, Newgrounds ect.)
  • Or talk about anything.

Like the lofi hiphop I post here? I’ve made a playlist with a lot of my favorite songs. Which some people has refered as a “relaxing playlist”. Give it a listen while you are working! If you wanna be relaxed that is.

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