I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Open Forum - "Winter is Coming" Edition

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Thank you io9 for this wonderful, wonderful gif

DS is away today so I Ishamael shall be covering his duties on this best of all workdays Friday!

This has been a really weird week on my end of things. Days when I basically can’t move from my desk as if I’m chained to it, others where I had so little to do my friends and I were sending Buzzfeed Quizzes back and forth on truly inane topics. Like which Disney Princess you Are (Mulan) or Which Hogwarts House you Belong In (Ravenclaw) and then yesterday something crazy good and unexpected happened. All around it’s been a weird week but certainly ending on a high note.


However on the gaming front things have been going pretty well as I’m proud to say I’ve kept to my promise to myself of playing the games I own. I have not picked up a new game in over ten weeks, although I surely covet Valkyria Revolution coming out next week. Dang it... since writing this I picked up Valkyria Revolution and the Steam Summer sale is here... guess my frugal behavior is going to meet a swift end.

Now with all this coming down and of course with summer TV starting to get into high(er) gear (American Gods is amazing by the way) and the glut of incredible media things look a little packed.



For Today’s Suggested Topic(s): 

  • What item do you have your eye on at the moment. Be it games, books, art, technology, really anything. Something you really want even though perhaps you shouldn’t.
  • Any games that you’ve been playing around for a long time and just can’t wait to finally put it to rest. An example for me is Trails in the Sky Second Chapter I’m finally starting to put a dent into it but so much more awaits.
  • As Z Not Z so reminded us, last Wednesday was the official beginning of summer. However I’m more excited of the coming winter, is anyone else around here excited for Game of Thrones return? It looks so good
  • If not any TV shows or movies you want to talk/gush about? Games that also may have slipped under the cracks?

If not as always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves

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