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Hiya Tay!

I’ve been playing some wow classic. I was going to write about it here and that small opinion developed into something larger. It felt way too large for an Open Forum post. So I gave it its own separate article that I will post some time later when I feel it is done. Which is nice. It was a long time I wrote something other than the open forums. But now it is getting late and I still have to write an open forum for tomorrow. Damnit.


But I can write about something nice that happen. I recently got an invite to go to a wedding in Finland. (For those who don’t know, I live in Sweden so it’s not that far.) It is a special invitation for me because the guy who invited me has been friend of mine sense, well I don’t know. Probably around 2003-2004? We meet from playing Neverwinter nights together. Although we have only meet IRL ones, and it was rather quick. But we stayed in touch online regularly through all these years. I haven’t really stayed in touch with a lot of friends from back then so I would consider him my oldest friend at the moment. That feels mutual from his side.

Honestly I’ve always had the opinion that people I meet online isn’t really the same as real friends. But that opinion is has changed recently. Because I’m so connected to some people online these days. I almost always play some multiplayer game at evenings after work so I have have daily contact with them. So after a while you start to know some of them really well. But it can sometimes be a fleeting relationship. A lot of them friendship doesn’t last very long, like I’ve lost contact with tons of people just by stop playing a game. But I feel these days friendships IRL can be just as fleeting. There is so many people you loose contact with if you switch work, or quit school, or simply stop contacting eachother without much reason. All if it is fine. It just what happens. People are just people regardless how you connect to them.

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Mention a person you are glad you meet online. Like friend or partner.
  • What is your status in relationships? In one at moment or single?
  • Do you think you give people a different impression of yourself online than IRL? In what way?
  • Or talk about anything.

(I do enjoy this game a lot, and it might have the best soundtrack from a multiplayer game ever.)  

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