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Hello there everybody! How is everyone doing today?

As of last week I started my new job for the year, as part of my university course. That’s me pictured above at work. At the minute it’s pretty interesting and I’m designing some things that will be used all over the world! It’s pretty exciting and I feel pretty good I got an amazing opportunity.

That said I’d still much rather play some video games...

But now I have money to buy games! So it’s not all so bad.

Here are my topics for today!

• Tell us about your work or job! If you want of course.

• Do you have a dream job?

• Are there any jobs in any games that you’d love to be? Or something you’d be good at?


• If you had to have a job from any Final Fantasy game, what would your job be?

Besides from that feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves! Here’s a song to kickstart your day:

Run For Cover - The Killers

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