I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Working to the Butt" Edition

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Hello TAY!

Sister Swan and I have been sinking hours into Dragon Quest Builders. The fun times that are being had are insane. Lots of comedies of errors, like that time I worked myself out of my clothes.



Yes. I worked so hard and battled monsters, that my simple wayfarer’s clothes disintegrated. I was smashing up a ruined castle, you see. And well, a little wiz biz guy attacked. Suddenly, I found myself near nekkid.


Then I went to the roof (I made myself some leather armor, don’t worry about it) and went to town on the castle tiled roof. I fell through in my eagerness and plunged to my death below. Some may say it was greediness. Whatever. I need that stuff, alright?

This togetherness my sister and I have been having remind of the days she played Tales of Destiny with me. She was in my battle party, and while I was hard at work trying to win a fight, I’d look over and see her character searching for gald (money) instead of helping me. Best sister I ever had.


For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • Describe a time you worked really hard for hours on end at something, only to lose your save data and had to restart
  • A time a friend or sibling messed up your gaming — whether they accidentally unplugged the system, intentionally did so or just wasn’t that helpful when you guys were playing together.
  • Tell us about a fun moment you’ve had playing with a friend or family member! Let’s recount a happier time.

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