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Good morning my sweet little cupcakes!

Another day of E3 news is ahead of us! Is it day 2, 3 or 4? I can’t even tell anymore! Maybe we are all just dead! Haha, Who knows?


I’m usually don’t look at the press conferences fully, but I have this year. And it’s just something about these events that jigs me the wrong way. It feels as glamours as watching company people talk about hair shampoo. All the speeches has the same language as Gilliette commercial. I mean just listen to good old Patrick Söderlund here talk. Now I hate pointing fingers at people, so Patrick, if you see this you are probably a nice guy, who does his job damn well. But this moment made me wonder if Microsoft sucked out your soul before entering the stage:

I do enjoy seeing the actual trailers of the games of course. But more in a fascination of knowing what games are coming ahead in general, than a genuine hype for the game. I just find it hard to be hyped from anything they show within that environment.

By the time of writing I’ve just seen Ubisoft press conference, but not Sony. And due to timezones and work I probably won’t be able to edit this before I quit work tomorrow and this is published. But considering the previous E3, Sony will probably do well. They released some great games recently, that even a no PS4 owner can be impressed with. I would love if they revealed another game with From Software again.

The Ubisoft event was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I was pretty close going against my nature and scream in hype for Beyond Good & Evil 2. The first game was on top of my favorite games for a long while. So it’s nice to see them do something new after so many years. But there is far too many unknowns so far what the game will actually be like. But at least one thing is clear, judging from the cinematic the final game will have some awesome setting designs. Looking forward to seeing actual gameplay!


So anyway. No list of subjects today. Just talk about any news you like to about E3 so far. Or if you are feeling rebellious against the whole consumer world, TALK ABOUT ANYTHING!

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