I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed Skeletors Open Forum last week. He enjoyed doing it so if you want to he might show up on some other special occasions. Except Halloween, he hates that one. Sorry!


I’ve had a rough week, and it’s not even related to Valentines day. The day after when I came home from work around 9 in the evening I notice someone had broken into my apartment and stolen my Ipad and macbook. They had come through the backdoor which they left broken and wide open, and when I came my neighbors were outside already calling the police. That night and day after I was devastated.

That was a few days ago now and in the end everything has worked out well all things consider. My backdoor is repaired and even better than it was previously. (Pretty much impossible to get in the same way.) The stuff that got stolen was old so I don’t really mind if I don’t get anything from my insurances, I am just glad I don’t have to pay for the door or they didn’t steal my stationary PC, wacom board, or my consoles. They did actually drag out my Xbox 360 but it seems like it was not worth the effort so they left it on the floor, they didn’t even touch the WiiU which is kinda funny.


The only thing that I am sad at losing is all the work I had on my macbook. I used it when I was working as an animator, and drew all of my comics on it. A lot of it can be recovered but I had 5 pages of comics that I had not shown anyone yet, and I probably need to redraw and reinstall a bunch of stuff. Then there is all the small sketches and things that not really a big lost but I would prefer to still have. Here people will tell me to backup my files, but I already did that, especially when I worked for other people. But admittedly I was not as good as backing up all of my own things I did on my spare time.

But anyway, enough about that. Unless you wanna talk about it. Here are this weeks subjects:

  • Have you ever had a burglary , or got robbed/got things stolen from you in any other way?
  • Have you ever stolen anything yourself? Pirating does not count. Unless you were an actual pirate with a boat. I lived a somewhat peaceful life so my only crimes are stealing candy as a kid and smoking grass a few times. I was a terrible smoker.
  • Or the opposite, Tell us about some point you gave, or did something nice, just spontaneously. Not counting Christmas or birthday gifts. But I am thinking of things like helping out someone in need, sparing some money to a beggar, or donating to a charity.  
  • Or Talk About Anything!


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