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TAY: Open Forum - You were abandoned, so here I am

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So, welcome fellow TAYers! A certain someone (I won’t name names *hint ^) asked me to take over today because he couldn’t make it. This is my first time doing this so... HELLS YEAH I HAVE ALL THE POWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!


Anyway, today’s topic is, when has someone let you down or abandoned you? It doesn’t have to be serious, like a friend being like “nah I have stuff to do” and then you sit two rows behind them at the same movie you invited them to see with you only an hour ago so you throw popcorn at them the whole movie.

Or if you are a more “cheerful” or “optimistic” person, when has someone come through in the clutch for you? Also doesn’t have to be important, like if your friend just up and calls his girlfriend and is like, “hey, it’s boys night tonight, so I’m cancelling the date. See you next week,” and you proceed to watch every episode of Powerpuff Girls on VHS recorded from Cartoon Network in one sitting.

If you don’t feel like talking about either of those topics... What is wrong with you, they are great topics? But feel free to talk about anything else.


And make sure you check out my second installment of The Things Will Carried tomorrow to catch another fun story about my friend Will. I’m allowed one shameless plug here, don’t judge me.

And remember, even when you are abandoned I will always be here to pull you through.


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