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TAY: Open Forumemorial Day

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Ohayo everyone. It's good to be back here on the iron throne doing the open forum! I had a very good trip, minus those two or three days where I was sick. I'm so glad I got to go, and I hope to be back in the near future. Random observations:

Where I live in the South, people like to think they're the nicest, most hospitable people in the world. Sorry, Southerners, Japanese people have you beat, and they are much less obnoxious about it. The South could stand to learn a lesson about how kind =/= intruding into the personal space of others.

It's really cool the mix of people you find shopping for figures in Akihabara. There were couples, the youngish male demographic everyone expects, but also teenage girls and office ladies. Figure shopping is also very fun. You get to fill out a little card with the box and item number of what you want, then the store clerk takes you around and double checks with you to make sure you're happy with your items.

The only thing I'm really nationalistic about is that I think the US is the only country that knows how to make pizza. That includes Italy :p


Obvious topic: What's the best trip you've ever been on? Have you gone someplace you've always wanted to go? Did anything surprise you or challenge your expectations?

Talk about this or anything else below, and have a good Memorieal Day!

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