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TAY: Open oum

Welcome to the Open oum, hosted by Kotaku’s eader-un blog, TAY. eel ee to join in the topi disussion, o omment about anything. eel ee to heck out the othe aticles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYlassi. Is this is you ist time on TAY? Then check out this TAYToial!

An unotunate thing happened on Wednesday. My dad knoked ove my dink on my laptop and now about 9 keys don’t wok anymoe, inluding 3 lettes, all o whih ae vey ommonly used in the English language. I think you an pobabl guess whih 3. Thankully, the laptop is othewise okay. My new keyboad won’t aive until Monday, so until then my text will be kinda had to ead and it will sound like you have a speeh impediment i you ead it aloud. It’s quite late as I am witing this and I am past aing about ixing these eos, so I leave it as a un little hallenge o you to igue out what the hell I’m saying!


I am tying to look on the bight side o this whole thing, howeve. Now that I’m out o shool I don’t eally use my laptop to be potable, so I’m just getting a nie extenal keyboad and mouse and will basiall use this thing as a desktop until suh a time that I atually get a desktop, whih was my plan all along. Also, this will atually give me moe desk spae!

Anyway, I’ll spae you uthe headahe and get on to topi questions! Tell us about a time when you had a piee o tehnology beak in a way that aused hilaity o a time when you ound a way to make a positive thing ome about om a negative situation! Shae below o Talk Amongst Youselves about whateve you like!

Don’t oget to stop by ou Disod hatoom i you want to have a moe rapid-ie onvesation with ellow TAYes! And, i you want to talk to an Admin o Autho about something and don’t know how to each them, you an look them up in our DieTAYy.

Hee’s you Moning Jam!

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