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Canadian abroad!

SupremeEvan, here. Reporting live from New Orleans, Louisiana (we've driven over 2000 km/1300 miles to get here)!

On my trip I've notice that there are many things that are the same between Canada and the US. We are neighbours and share a lot of stuff. But there are small little differences that completely throw me off.

  • US snack selection is SO MUCH BETTER than Canadian snack selection. Sure, we'll have Pringles, Doritos, Oreos, and Coke, but the sheer amount of flavor selection within the product line amazes me. I'm like a little kid in the snack section in Walmart.
  • Prepaying for gas is an extremely odd concept to me. Ever since I've been able to drive we've always pumped our gas and then paid for whatever we used. I didn't have to go into the store to preauthorize a gas pump or anything. I was very confused.
  • Each state has it's own unique look for their license plates (much like in Canada with their provinces), but the license plates in the Midwestern States are so much more colourful and exciting. My license plate is boring as hell.
  • My first day driving down there was a bit of a snowstorm the night before. I'd never seen so many cars smashed or in the ditch on a single drive in my entire life. The weird thing was, there wasn't even that much snow in Ohio. They would certainly never want to drive in Ontario.
  • Cheese-Nips (which Canada has) are vastly superior to Cheez-Its (which Canada doesn't have). I'm glad, because it means I'm not missing out on anything important on the cheese cracker front.

My question is: Have you ever traveled somewhere and had your whole world thrown upside down due to subtle changes no one would ever have expected?


If you don't want to talk about this, then feel free to talk about anything else!

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