Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

  • Provide context for this image by putting a butt somewhere it belongs.
  • Use the Kotaku Fish. Use it. Put it somewhere humorous.

As always, keep is SFW! What you don’t see is usually funnier than what you do.

Remember if you win the Photoshop Contest you win:

  • Name color of your choice in TAY Discord
  • Your header image used as the Game Night Header image for the following month
  • Next month’s Game Night game!

Last Month’s Entries




Our Other Entries

Mr Marsu came in a close 2nd with his rendition of hedgehog/human love.


Habboi’s entry has Mario pondering the benefits of not getting the nude of Bowser.


StormBorn’s entry: Stealception


Kaploy’s late entry - I don’t know what’s going on here but as usual, it made me laugh!



Surprised PHC’s entry didn’t get more votes. I mean Nic Cage people!

TJoeb did an entry that posited Nathan Drake needed more semi naked loli’s. You can see it here