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Soooooooooo Gremlin DVA is a thing, I guess. A video game character has to eat, right? So for this month’s topic you’re going to be shopping in your character with some food. Either give me your best Gremlin DVA or answer the age old question of what Kirby eats for dinner after a long day of gobbling indigenous flora and fauna, or what exactly is IN a Heavy’s sandwich? Who wants a knuckle sandwich?


Our Winner from last month was SeethingHatred! Congrats Seething. You win an all expenses paid vacation to ....TAY! Yay! You also get a color of your choice in the TAY Discord, a copy of Warframe (next months’ game night - i aint buyin’ you overwatch, fool!), and your picture will be used as header for all June game night announcements!

Winner (SeethingHatred)

Meathead forgot that the image should have been game related, but we love him anyway.


TheAlmightyDuke decided his Division unit needed more corporate sponsorships.


My personal favorite (any time i get to bring up the origarmi killer is a plus), Novibear decided naw-man jaydin needed some extra cash


and finally last but not least, SFrost replaced one fox with another


Just a reminder that the Winner of the photoshop contest gets:

  1. Their image used for Game Night posts
  2. A copy of the next month’s game night game, should they want it
  3. A custom username color in TAY Discord!
  4. Bragging rights!

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