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TAY Photoshop Contest: Naughty Naughty Dog

LAST WEEK!! Make sure to vote!

So Naughty Dog done goofed. They stole Assassin’s Creed 4 artwork and put it in their trailer for UC 4. BUT what if it wasn’t Assassin’s Creed artwork but...? Fill in the blank here. Either update the picture above with something else that UC4 needs to steal, or find an Uncharted Screenshot and put in an element from an alternate game.


With that out of the way let’s get to last month’s winner!

Congratulations Unimplied! You get a Car!!! You win one and you win one and you win one....oops channeling my inner Oprah...no, no one wins anything except Unimplied who wins....Serious Sam Revolutions, his picture as the game night header image for the month of March, and also if he hops on by the TAY Discord he can pick a color for his name! Lucky duck!



When I think of the rom-com that this scene could be taken from...


Who needs Hadoken when you’ve got kitchen gun?


Oh my god, I was wrong, it was Earth all along, you’ve finally made a monkey out of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Who’s ready to get down to BUSINESS *Techno beat starts playing*

Celia R


Military training comes in handy when waitressing



Leonardo DiCaprio, is that you?

Spacegar (again)


I learned it from watching YOU dad!

Finally TAYRG had this cryptic entry. Not sure what it means. But I’m sure that it combines in someway with the clue from part 1 and also future clues. I’m just guessing though!


TAYRG pt. 2 came with this hint:

It’s someone’s birthday and they MUST come first

Otherwise these clues would be the absolute worst

the ending you seek is only the beginning

so don’t even think that you’re close to winning

After the birthday comes a slash/clue #1

but that can’t be it, no we’re far from done.

Combine Clue #1 with clue #’s 3, 4, and 5

If there’s a clue 6, don’t skin me alive.

Remember if you win the Photoshop Contest you win:

  • Name color of your choice in TAY Discord
  • Your header image used as the Game Night Header image for the following month
  • A game usually depending on what I’ve got in stock. Haven’t figured out April’s game night game yet, but you can bet that you will probably win it via photoshop contest.

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