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TAY Photoshop Contest: Something isn't Ad-ing up

Nintendo is or is not in dire straits. Who knows!? But some extra revenue wouldn’t hurt. To this end they’re going to start putting some in game ads into their games. Your job is to pitch them some ideas. Is Sonic going to shill Adidas? Will Mario upsell you on roto-rooter service? Will Lynlee promote a line of push up bras? It’s up to you!

With that out of the way let’s look at last month’s entries


Congratulations to Meathead for his amazing, winning entry!

Last month was a slow one but I’d have a hard time personally picking a winner from the three entries they were all quite good.

In addition to Meathead, we also had

Abracadaniel in second place (I’m sensing a theme)


And also Pyramidheadcrab with some creative SNES censoring


Just a reminder that the Winner of the photoshop contest gets:

  1. Their image used for Game Night posts
  2. A copy of the next month’s game night game, should they want it
  3. A custom username color in TAY Discord!
  4. Bragging rights!

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