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I'm really feeling it!

TAY Pixelympics: Events Calendar

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  1. Mario Kart
  2. FPS
  3. Super Mario Brothers Speed Run
  4. Platformers
  5. Board Games
  6. Super Smash Brothers Wii Minigames
  7. DOTA 2 Tournament
  8. Roguelike Endurance trials
  9. Minecraft
  10. Trivia Night
  11. Shooters

Other links:

If you bookmark just one page, make it this one. The links for each event will take you to the sign up page where all the pertinent information about the event will be listed.


Events are in order of which they will occur. Again, for the most part, save for the DOTA 2 Tournament, all events will be on Saturday. Mostly in the evening/afternoon. This accommodates the greatest number of people.

I will try to update and get all of the pages up as quickly as I can so people have time to plan.

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