I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY, the end is near. Like a squirrel prepares for winter, I’m hoarding on food for the finale of Firewatch! Streaming right now via the TAY Gaming Youtube Channel.

In the last chapter we stumbled upon a very nefarious invisible wall in the middle of a road, we discussed the plans for Aikage’s celebratory 100 subscribers video and finally we found out who was, or shall I say who were the fools who were making my life in the forest a misery. So as a rational person would do, I broke into their camp, trashed the place and threw away their food (only because I couldn’t steal it).


I know that I said that the end was near last time, but unless this is a Telemundo telenovela, we should finish Firewatch tonight. It all points out to an epic conclusion with many dramatic close ups, fire, passion, more fire, and maybe a kiss.

Hope to see you all tonight~

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