I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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[IT'S OVER] TAY Plays: Firewatch, Street Fighter V & Hotline Miami

Tonight I’m feeling extra generous. Instead of just playing Firewatch, I’ll be playing three different games.

Finally at 10PM, I’ll finish what I started in Firewatch last night. After finding out what was wrong with the communication poles, I headed down the trail towards Jonesy Lake only to find a newly established campfire, is this here where the serial panty-tosser from hell is hiding?

At 9PM I’ll be revisiting the shady streets and terryfing corners of the sunshine city in Hotline Miami. I suddenly felt like killing a few thugs so I’ll be doning one of the many animal masks as I play through the first few chapters of the game.

Starting at 8PM EST: I’ll be sparring against UI in Street Fighter V, as we try figure out who is the worst fighter in the street.

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