I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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[IT'S OVER] TAY Plays: Firewatch - I’ve always wanted to go to Wyoming

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It is time, TAY. I have finally decided to become a forest ranger. Join me tonight at 10:30PM EST (pardon the super late time slot) and let’s uncover the mysteries of the Shoshone National Forest. You can watch my struggle at the TAY Youtube Channel.


Or here...

Apparently there is some sort of romantic plot in this game, so I’ll be using this stream as one of my posts for Love Week™. To be honest I know very little of what Firewatch is all about, some people have said it’s an emotional journey while others say it shouldn’t be a video game.


Who knows maybe this game will get some emotions, other than rage (All thanks to Mega Man’s terrible coding and level design), out of me. Let me warn you, I’m not exactly the most emotional person... I have two modes, no emotions or a bundle of emotions that destroys everything in its path...

this should be fun...

or depressing...

or both...

Anyway... hope to see you all tonight <3

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