For those who were interested in playing Pathfinder on Roll20 with me, I think I've got things ready to play on Wednesday nights from 5:00 MDT to 8:00 MDT.

Hopefully this will link you to the page:…

I can only run with a maximum of four TAYers, as I'm going to be bringing some outside people in so the campaign has some stability. Let me know if you're interested and able to play with this schedule!


UPDATE: For those who want to watch, I'd like to set up either a live stream and/or a recording that we can put up on the TAY youtube page. So, now you don't have to feel bad if you can't attend!


Also! For my players, we're looking at a pretty undead-filled one-shot to start off with. Please build a level 3 character that will fare well with the undead. You can take options from every official Pazio book, except Mythic Adventure. Your race choice should be under 15 RP according to the Advanced Race Guide (That means no Drow Nobles). Use a 20 point stat build. You have 3000 Gp to spend. Once you're done run it by me so that I can get an idea of the party's relative strength. Also, if you need help putting a character together, talk to me and I can help. (Here's a site for quick references: Pathfinder_OGC)


(Also, for players, if you can send me a thing whereby I can contact you privately, I will send you the link to join the campaign as a player.)