After shaking the sleep out of my eyes, and the snow off of my car, I quickly drove to work and went about my normal morning ritual of reading up on news throughout the Gawker-verse. Soon enough, I stumbled upon the The Order: 1886 post, and the surrounding discussion over the merit of even having a discussion about the length of a game before it officially launches.

So that got me wondering, what is the general consensus on game length these days? Am I alone in thinking that 5 hours for a single-player campaign at a $60 price-point is a bit weak? Are game length and price-point mutually exclusive factors, or are they woven together during purchase consideration? Should I be more considerate to the fact that longer games tend to have a lot of filler and re-used assets? Does the genre of the game have a large impact on whether the length is important or not? So many questions, so many possibilities.

I should note that this is my first poll, and I do have fairly strong opinions on this, so I'm trying to keep the questions as objective as possible, but if you feel like they're leading, or unfair, call me out on it. I'm all about fair criticism.

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Given this was just released, it's hard to not add this on as well: