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TAY Poll: How Much Do You 3D?

With the announcement of the New 3DS finally making its way to North America and Europe everyone is in a tizzy about whether or not to trade up.

But as I watched the Nintendo Direct from yesterday and contemplated all the upgrades I realized something - I never play with the 3D on. Ever. I mean, I'll turn it on for the first minute of a new game, but then off it goes until the next new title. I've probably played less than half an hour in 3D total since the system launched in 2011.


So when the New 3DS promised better 3D viewing angles I thought, "That's great... I guess, but am I even going to use the 3D? Maybe I will now that it's better."

Maybe I'm not alone, or maybe I just need to give 3D play another shot. I'm interested to see how everyone else plays when it comes to 3D, so fill out the quick poll below if you have a second. I'll be sure to post the result for all to see in the coming days.

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