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TAY Poll - Monster Hunter Night

Alright, so after last night's stream (and yes, I know you couldn't hear anyone I was playing with and I will try to fix that for the next session if there is one), I have a few questions for everyone.

1) Did you enjoy the stream, and is it something you would want to see on a regular basis? I tend to play on Tuesday nights at 8:00 EDT pretty much weekly. Right now, we're trying to conquer G-Rank.
1a) If you want to watch more, should I Twitch or YouTube for streaming?
1b) Any suggeestions for improvement?

2) Do you own MH3U (for the Wii U, or on 3DS, but have a hard-wired Wii U), and do you want to play with TAY people?


3) If you answered "Yes" to #2, what nights/times work best for you?

If there's enough interest in any of the above, I might try to start Monster Hunter Nights here on TAY. Let me know your thoughts!

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