I'm really feeling it!

Hello, TAY (and anyone else), it’s been a while. But while I can’t definitively say “I’m Back!” yet, I thought I would give an update, announcement, and a survey. Voting is fun! Right?

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, who is this? Is he part of TAY, or is this some sort of...April Fools?” And I get it, this is a community. Its about the collective, not the individual.


But just know I really appreciate you guys keeping up appearances. It wouldn’t be fair to people like Aikage, Zarnyx, PHC, or all the others who do so much work and put in so much time and effort to keep TAY running if every post was “Where’s Ninja?” or “Nyren’s Corner: 3 Reasons Lightsaber.Ninja is Godlike” or “TAY-cersize Cancelled - FIND NINJA”. So keep up the good work, friends. Just know that I know the truth.


On topic however, you may remember I was having issues with my browser (who doesn’t?). We’ll the good news is I’ve replaced it with one that is superior in every way. The bad news is I can’t log into Kinja. Odd.

The silver lining being that after a few weeks of tapping all three of Kinja’s log in options, I suddenly gained access to TAY. Still can’t star or comment on Kotaku proper, but at least I can join in here again.

It’s all good, don’t worry. I’m just giving context.

So I came back to TAY and started working on the first post in my new series (Wildest Dreams- Where I Create a Dream Game). It’s sort of like Necessary Sequel (“Oh, it’s THAT guy” - all of you, presumably) except it’s not about sequels. You’ll see.


But this is where the community comes in. I don’t know which game to do first, so YOU’RE gonna pick! Here are the options:

-Legacy of Goku (Switch) - This one is easy. Remake the Legacy of Goku series for the Switch. Except the first game won’t suck.


-Hogwarts - I have to thank a commenter for this one. But my idea of an awesome Harry Potter game.

-GTA Online - An Idea for a stand-alone title with a much broader scope.

-Metal Gear - How Konami can continue milking the franchise and gain new fans, without losing the built-in fanbase.


Which one should be first? Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MHJ576Y

I look forward to the results (Poll ends April 8th) and bullshitting with all my adoring fans in the comments.

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