I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Predicts E3: We Need YOU!

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Originally I started on an article called "GBD Predicts E3", then I realized it would be TAY better *cringe* if I included all the other regulars round these parts.


So here's how it's gonna go down, I'm going to do an article a day and it's going to look like this.

Tuesday - Microsoft

Wednesday - Sony

Thursday - Nintendo

Friday - 3rd Party

So hit me with your predictions in the comments below (assuming you don't mind everyone reading them before hand) or email them to me at ben@classrealm.com. I'll compile all of them based on their focus and publish them.


They don't have to be in depth. In fact we're probably gonna have a ton, so shorter might be better. They also don't have to be serious. Feel free to be goofy. You also don't have to cover every section. I'm very interested to see all your thoughts!

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