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TAY Predicts E3: Nintendo

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And now we come to the best last of the big three. The Big N. The company that's been in business for 125 years and is making an impact on the world of gaming. With the Wii U on ropes and the 3DS sitting atop the handheld food chain it will be interesting to see what direction Nintendo goes with their 2014 offerings.



Nintendo will announce the dates for both Smash games, Hyrule Warriors and Yarn Yoshi. Bayonetta 2 will come this fall.
New info on X, SMT x FE release window Spring 2015
Wii U price drop
A new game no one expected
A new Metroid
They will showcase how the New Mario Kart sales numbers has put them back in the race, and plans for the inevitable DLC.
They will show new footage of Sonic Boom. And maybe strike a new deal with Sega (Bring back an old beloved franchise)
How will the NFC work with the new SSB, and of course all these new apps for phone connectivity


Steve Bowling

Zelda gameplay demo

Star Fox



Pokken Touranment is a Pokemon Fighting game and is announced, Pikachu Detective Game details + real title, ORAS details, 2 or more other Pokemon things discussed

2 Legend of Zelda announcements.

Metroid Fusion REMAKE for some reason.

4 new IPs.

Tomadachi Life will have just released so probably something about that.

HYPE bullet train because regular trains aren't good enough.

Also new Mario thongs.


Nintendo announces a price cut and/or redesign to the Wii U.

Nintendo announces a Zelda: Hyrule Warriors-themed Wii U.

Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros-themed Wii U and/or 3DS.

Nintendo finally gives us the full name to Super Smash Bros(cause damn it I'm gonna kill someone if they keep it as "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS").

Nintendo announced new entry in one of their less popular series like Star Fox or Metroid.



Nintendo will come out swinging with some new titles and more info on already announced games.

Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros, X, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Remakes and more will be shown.

Nintendo will announce DLC for Mario Kart 8, characters, tracks, and karts - available today!

Smash Bros will have a big focus with new and returning characters being revealed. I'm calling Captain Falcon, Ness, Jiggs, Wario, and Meta Knight for returns and... Mii, Shulk, and Pac-Man for newcomers. 3DS gets an actual release date. Probably late August or early September.

Metroid for 3DS.

Star Fox for Wii U by Retro.

Maybe Animal Crossing for Wii U for 2015. Maybe.

Zelda for Wii U gets a quick trailer, a release window (Spring 2015) and a name.

Some new details on the NFC focus.

New eShop only titles that are coming this summer!

A new IP that uses the Wii U in some great new ways.

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Wii U:

-Mario Kart 8 sales figures are discussed and consequently the bump in Wii U sales means Nintendo will be sticking to their guns and the controller. Promises games will make better use of the game pad controller.

-Nintendo apologizes for their lack of games that use the controller and lack of games in general.

-The best of use of the game pad, it seems, is not just the second screen. Miyamoto pulls out a Mario action figure from his breast pocket and puts it on the gamepad that is sitting on a pedestal next to him.

NFC figures are seen on the screen. Series 1 figures shown on the screen.

Figures are detailed to work with a new game, which plays on screen. It's like Smash Bros. but a party or adventure game utilizing the figures of series 1 shown on screen of characters of an ever expanding roster.

-Trailer ends, and figures are discussed to work for a multitude of games, including the new Super Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. trailer plays, revealing a few newcomers. If not then, the newcomers trailer will have played at the Smash Bros. Invitational.

Speaking of which, Smash For Wii U and 3DS gets proper names.

-Nintendo talks about the Gamecube adapter as well as the introduction of Smash rebranded GCN controllers on the market. PDP's Gamecube inspired controller is also shown.

-Back to Mario Kart, Mercedes DLC kart announced for U.S, as well as new karts and parts. This further pushes the conversation of DLC into actual content for game.

New tracks and characters bundles announced for DLC, akin to Mario Golf's set up, as well as a season pass of sorts.

Which btw, Nintendo will be vague about DLC for Smash when any exec are questioned later.

Nintendo discusses a new era of gaming with DLC for their platforms. Tells the fans that the games will still be chock full of content and DLC won't take advantage of the consumers.

-Hyrule Warriors gets an official name and release date for U.S. Eiji Aonuma discusses how the game will be canon to the time line.

- Persona 5 is announced for the Wii U alongside the PS3.

-Yarn Yoshi get's a trailer and release date.

-Wii U console gets either a rebranding or new "slim" model, out for the Fall. The system will come with more hard drive space, a more distinct look for the chassis and the name is changed so that marketing of the console can reach their intended audience.

- First ever Console Pokemon game comes in the form of a remake - Delta Emerald. Will link up with Pokemon bank as well as 3DS and the remakes of Omega and Alpha Ruby/Sapphire.

-Pokken Fighters for Wii U is officially announced. Snippet of gameplay amidst a flashy trailer.

-New Metroid! New Star Fox! (I can dream T.T)

-New Zelda with trailer and gameplay! "Hammina Hammina"

-Pokemon Snap/Luigi's Mansion sequel will be revealed.

-Sonic Boom is highlighted.


-Sales of 3DS and 2DS are discussed.

-Shin Megami Tensi x Fire Emblem is given a proper trailer and release date.

Persona Q may be highlighted for a brief moment.

-Majora's Mask remake revealed.

-If not Metroid for the Wii U, a side scroller Metroid for the handheld.

-F-Zero for the handheld announced.


They'll talk about a new Zelda game, cause fuck any of their other franchises. 3DS, 2DS, all the DS-es will get talked about. Pokemon remakes get discussed. End with tease of 3rd pokemon title for the current generation cause Nintendo wants your money for as little effort as possible.

They'll hopefully mention other games, like the smt x fire emblem, X, and Bayonetta 2 in terms of release dates. But screw it, they'll probably spend an egregious amount of time on this "hit" of MK8, and how the smash game is going to rule. Even though all the people who have a wii u already want these games, they'll make sure to ruin any chance to speak to outsiders and get more customers.



Nintendo reveals new hardware available in 2015. More info @TGS.

Smash Bros. 3DS available now! I wish...

The Messiah

  • Some old Nintendo franchise (F-Zero, Star Fox) will get a new game on the WiiU and/or 3DS
  • We get a teaser on Retro Studio's under-wraps game
  • Legend of Zelda something!
  • More Smash Bros info
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Jeff Seely

In a surprise announcement during the E3 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo will reveal that a 3DS Super Smash Bros. demo (perhaps limited to, say, four characters and two stages) will be available for download from the 3DS eShop starting the very next day. (This one doesn't seem likely, but it would be cool.)

Nintendo will announce an original Wii U Zelda title for release during the fourth quarter of 2015.


Ellen J Miller

The Wii U Zelda title is announced by Zelda Williams, but not before a diversion where they announce Majora's Mask 3D.

Captain Falcon is announced for Smash Bros, which leads into an F-Zero announcement thanks to a SEGA/Sumo Digital collaboration.

Metroid II: Return of Samus gets a 2D remake on the 3DS.

Wii Fit U additional exercise DLC announced.

Roadmap for DS games on the Wii U VC shown.

N64 VC announced for Wii U.

Dillion's Rolling Western gets a Wii U instalment.

Retro Studios teaser for Metroid V on Wii U.

Mario Kart 8 track DLC is teased but shows Mario and FLUDD washing the track, is actually Super Mario Sunshine HD.

GB Remix announced for 3DS or SNES Remix for Wii U.

Yarn Yoshi gets a release date.

Further Nintendo IP by third party studio projects announced.

Edited to add: Art Academy University announced for Wii U, discount on first semester for those who bought Sketchpad.



-Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei appearance in some form

-Princess Peach themed sidescroller a la Mario Bros. on Wii U/3DS

-More Smash Bros stuff, maybe 3DS release date (I'm thinking July), Smash Bros Wii U/3DS bundle

-New Metroid

-New second party Wii U exclusive

-X seed game release date and info

-Nintendo NFC info

time for a crazy one:

-New F-Zero/Star Fox/other IP that's been dormant for a long time


  • Nintendo announcing the release of the Gamecube Virtual Console alongside a revised Gamecube controller.
  • A small teaser trailer involving the new Legend of Zelda game?
  • More info on the quality of life system
  • More on NFC, accompanied by a game similar to Little Big Planet involving many N franchises.
  • Miyamoto unveils his latest muse, then soon after the IP born from it.
  • Lots of new 3DS 3rd party support
  • "Nintendo is the place for Indies" or something similar will be said.
  • DLC for Mario Kart announced, available same day. Nintendo eShop crashes.
  • Retro announces the next Starfox game. Lots and lots of space exploration and shootouts shown. Big explosion.
  • Two memes will come out of the Nintendo Online Event, one was intended by Nintendo, one was not.
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Reggie admits that maybe, his body wasn't as ready as he'd hoped.

Sega announces a new Mario vs. Sonic at the olympic games Sochi edition. The CE has a Gulag member included.

David Jaffe is the keynote speaker and talks about his vision for Mario Kart 9.

10000000 articles defending Nintendo flood TAY after they have a horrendously awful E3. They're all burner accounts from GBD.

Hopefully we get some clarification on how NFC works in smash.

Nintendo gloms on to the fact that people are actually buying MK8 and hype that fact as hard as they can.

Nintendo finally realizes how incredibly, insanely, stupid their online services and just let everything run via Steam.



Nintendo will be about Hyrule Warriors, X, POKEMON ORAS, and a Mario something (maybe Party U) for the holidays. Sneak peak at Zelda U and Retro's next.

Even if Nintendo's digital event rocks awesomesauce, the larger media(especially in Europe) will focus on Sony vs Microsoft.

So far my predictions. Wishfull thinking would be for Nintendo to show Zelda Hyrule Warrors with Western release date close to the Japanese one. Zelda U and Majora's Mask 3d. And extreme wishfull thinking would be for Nintendo VR in unision with the wiimote plus and a new Nunchuck with motion plus.

And to finish off. Because it makes no business sense whatsover and Nintendo shouldn't. But as a raging fanboy i'd just love a Nintendo-Phone.



Sony and Microsoft fanboys and fangirls will be too busy belittling each other to give a damn about what Nintendo is doing.

Majora's Mask remake announced for 3DS

New Zelda announced for Wii U

A massive Smash Bros. info dump will happen

Nintendo doesn't announce a new StarFox or F-Zero despite the demand

It's Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This!

Lights shut down during the Microsoft presentation... A faint glimmer of 3 dim lamps rapidly approaches center stage. Regi Iwata and Miyamoto all show up on horseback running over Microsoft presenter rape joke guy. All of a sudden their horses blow up and firework machines go off in the background with back in black playing loudly. Girls with guns come out wearing Call Of Duty: Mushroom Warfare the new collaboration with activision. They announce that they are in the process of converting all current Nintendo games to those deserving of the M for Mature rating to appeal to the hardcore audience. Super Smash bros becomes more like mortal combat. They also announce that the wiiu is getting an overhaul with specs similar to that of a super computer all for the low price of your soul. WORTH.



These are my predictions.

..or maybe a wishlist...


-metroid prime -pokemon wiiU(mmorpg)

-starfox -the legend of zelda will look like assassins creed believe me...

-f-zero X -a pokemon snap 3d game

nintendo 3ds

-lego games -a pokemon remake

-majoras mask remake *this is a wish: banjo kazooie 3d collection

-fzero x * -a pokemon snap 3d game


-Smash, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors

-Some actual Pokemon ORAS footage.

-Please Understand

Good gravy. That's a lot of predictions. Surely they will all come true and we'll have the best Nintendo year of our lives. We can only hope. Third party predictions are tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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