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Who doesn't remember Sony's presentation from last year's E3? Boy howdy. They blew the doors off everything Microsoft was selling by announcing a $400 next-gen console without DRM or any glaring drawbacks. We all cheered and mashed F5 on our Amazon tab until we could nab this new system. Can Sony capture lightning in a bottle once more?


PS4 + Vita crossplay really highlighted

DLNA support revealed for PS4

Sequel to Clank or Crunk or Crunch or whatever that game was that launched with the PS4.

Kaz's unofficial twitter account will make me laugh more than any joke at the conference.

At least one bout of controversy will erupt over that stupid MGS game

New fitness games that make use of the EYE - basically PS4 will pick up the Kinect torch and really push the Eye for stuff, giving MS another black eye.

PEGGLE 3!!!!!!


The PS4 will start to be sold with Kinect and it will be a required peripheral.

Oh, also, there will be lots of Tretton host references. :)


I predict it will end and I will still not really want a PS4. Unless they announce that Sony bought the rights to Mega Man or Fallout 4 is PS4 exclusive or some shit.



New what do you call it? Uncharted? Yeah, new Uncharted unveiled. PS4-vita stuff, and indies, early in the program. End with maybe Last Guardian teaser trailer. Or begin with.

I just have a feeling they'll book-end the show with these big titles. Some talk along the way about how the system is like the best-selling ever and stuff those of us watching might kind of question. New Wipeout, new Fromsoft title, and an intermission while they possibly have someone from Sony movies talk for a while. Something to give the bloggers a few minutes to write up their stories about how Sony announced a new Uncharted or re-revealed the Last Guardian.

Here's my crazy prediction: they actually get PS2 games to work on the Vita. Also I feel like several games might get up-scaled for PS4 release but I can't really imagine which.

The Messiah

New IP for the PS Vita


Koda 89

Sony announces The Last Guardian for PS4.

Sony announces PS4 price cut(long shot and probably happens later in the year anyways).

Sony announces PS3 price cut.

Sony announces new God of War for PS4.

Sony announces/shows off Project Beast.

Sony announces a new David Cage game.

Sony announces a lot of indie games.

Sony does something with Morpheus.


-Project Morpheus discussed, but not much is shed on it. No release date, no price. They might bring up Move and try to talk about it as a precursor to VR. Probably not, since it was shite.

-The Order 1886 showcases a story trailer and followed by gameplay. They also discuss the delay to talk quality control and to make it it up they are adding co op features to the game.

-Metal Gear Solid 5 gets that trailer Kojima said that might be hard for some to swallow. Ground Zeroes is discussed briefly and Kojima discusses the rewards players who picked up GZ will get when they boot up PP. PP also gets a release date. Next gen platforms get Phantom Pain first.

-Details for the next Metal Gear Online are revealed

- LittleBigPlanet returns! This time, it comes as a 3D open world game with even more tools to create content with. The series may or may not keep the branding of LBP.

-Uncharted 4 appears on screen. We watch a trailer before we realize it's all in game footage. Game is mindnumblingly beautiful. Sony and Naughty Dog obviously do not discuss the strange development of the game and how key names from the team were dropping like flies in the last few months.

-THE LAST GUARDIAN is re-announced. Multi-platform title. PS4 and PS3 simultaneous release. Sony engineered the actual dragon/dog/cat thing in the trailer for real life and brings it to E3. The flash photography causes the creature to lose its cool and it runs rampant.

-Vita is either pushed aside or many new games are announced for it. A majority of the titles are reworked versions of existing mult-platform games.

-Drive Club is shown, nothing special revealed.

-Project Beast is shown, multiplat with Xbox.

-Destiny shown, with highlight on the exclusive content.


Uncharted 4 takes a more serious tone after being taken over by the guys behind The Last of Us.

The Last of Us sequel (or prequel) is teased at the very end with a brief clip featuring no characters or any other details.



Sony's head honcho runs out wearing an Aku Aku mask. The crowd goes buhzonkers. Crash Bandicoot has returned and it's done right. The gods weep tears of joy and I buy a PS4 (again).



  • Big focus on Vita.
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 for Vita and PS4. Cross Everything. Holidays.
  • God of War. Prequel for Vita this year with PS4 game coming spring 2015. (Hopeful wish: David Jaffe director of both. Goes with original vision of series where Kratos becomes the incarnation of death throughout mythological history, killing the gods when new ones need to be ushered in)
  • 2 Brand new Vita IP's. One everyone aimed, like Tearaway. Second will focus more on Hardcore crowd. One first party and the other 3rd Party.
  • Many Vita games starting to come out in fall, so Sony is filling space with downloadable titles and indies. "We are dedicated to Vita and this strong lineup through the end of the year and beyond (BEYOND!) showcases that."
  • Will mention something about number of Vitas shipped and attach rate of games to console.
  • Vita TV! Holiday 2014 for the west.
  • PS Now details. PS3/PS4 by summers end and Vita by years end. Can bundle with PS+ subscription for best value. A dozen titles at launch with new titles added constantly with at least 50+ games by years end.
  • Order 1886 gameplay and date.
  • Pimp PS3 sales and heritage blah blah blah. "We are committed to the 10 year lifecycle that started with the PS2 and carried over to the PS3. We will show the same amount of dedication to the PS4 as well."
  • Uncharted something or other. Continues to suck. Whatever, Crash is back.
  • Driveclub pimping and set date. Also clarify PS+ flub. "Sony is dedicated to our customer base and we take your opinions very seriously. This is why Driveclub is blah blah blah comment showing we listen to you but more that we are worried about losing your money." (Way to copy Microsoft! Poseurs.)
  • Assassin's Creed shown off. Comes with more missions for PS systems. Yay third party support (LOOKING AT YOU NINTENDO.)
  • Indies! Indies for everyone! For PS3! For PS4! For Vita! The Witness pimped again. Coming before Fez 2. The Witness, Gone Home, others. No mention of FEZ 2.
  • Pimping of PS+ and Sony's online service. Boost in PS+ membership, the word "value" used at least 5 times, and details of upcoming IGC games.
  • Some stupid accessories to fill Wii accessory quota. Will be misused in sexual manners in the Playroom. Cause Rule 34.
  • Heavenly Sword 2! Ninja Theory is back to finish the story! Better graphics, more brutal gameplay, refined controls, new (badass) female lead! Teaser shows Nariko at the end coming to challenge new heroine! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (passes out)
  • (That last part may have been a hallucination from passing out. I don't apologize.)
  • New IP for PS4. I got nothing.
  • Last Guardian not mentioned at all. Silently cancelled. Phil Spencer puts his voodoo Playstation doll away and laughs maniacally.

UI 2.0

Akiba's Trip may get a PS4 release in NA going by Xseed's E3 Exhibit. =3 I hope so.



Sony gets all of their reveals spoiled by leaks. Antonio Banderas does the keynote. Gets his own game. NeoGAF can't handle the traffic. Dies.



  • Sony does something with Uncharted.
  • Both [Sony and MS] announce a new 'next-gen' IP. Both end up being a variant of a shooter.
  • Everyone everywhere talks about their own fantastic indie support.

Steve Bowling

Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay demo/release date announcement/exclusive DLC

The Order: 1888 gameplay demo

Watch Dogs 2 teaser


Sony will undercut Microsoft again somewhere. Maybe a price drop. And i am very much hoping Sony will unveil more about their Morpheus. The morpheus is enough to drive a Nintendo fanboy envious, and it might make me consider a PS4.

As for wishfull thinking at the competition. Sony's morpheus launches soon and one ups the Occulus by large margins. With the PSMove and the morpheus you'll get a Skyrim-like game and all bundled for the holidays with a ps4 at $400,- (which usually translates to 400 euro's including tax).



-Project Beast is the showcase game

-We love indies look at all these indies we have

-Vita will be largely ignored. Might get a montage of upcoming games at best


Sony poking fun at Microsoft for the Kinect-less console

Progress demos of their VR device (Project Morpheus?)

Return of an old, cartoon-y classic (Sly Cooper? Ratchet & Clank? In my dreams, Crash Bandicoot or Jak / Daxter)

Uncharted IV? 4? (however they choose to style it)

Kojima hype, but no release date still

Vita crossplay hype

MORE features and apps (Flixster?)

Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts

More hype, all of the hype, even

and, of course: disappointment and tears by some audience members


The Last Guardian finally gets shown, updated to PS4...release date 2016. 10 professionally dressed press members need to be physically removed, weeping both for the wait, and because we know that bird thing will still die.

Kevin Butler struts in, sad music plays as there is mutual forgiveness between him and Sony. He kneels to accept a golden Playstation Move, which extends into a large lightsaber. Butler proceeds to cut the curtain down, and reveal Amy Hennig...Star Wars game trailer is shown.

Sucker Punch starts work on some Festival of Blood DLC style expansion, with some new super power. The power will involve glass, teaching kids the power of recycling, while showing the man-children the real-time world reflections they so crave from their PS4.

FF15 gets its first live gameplay demo, except all that is shown is the equipment menu, featuring handsome man Noctis dressing up in different shades of various black suits. All the clothing shown is announced to be made from numerous real-life overpriced clothing vendors, all of which announce they're taking pre-orders.

Driveclub gets shown, talks alot about audio to an audience that just stares vacantly, and one audience member dies from a boredom seizure.

New Naughty Dog Uncharted game gets announced, it's very pretty/cinematic, with nice motion capture characters and good voice acting. People eat the game up so much, actual marketing card-board cutouts are consumed by fans on the way out, and no innovative gameplay is shown.

Lastly, Sony brings more indie games on stage for good press, reveals many are console exclusive, but all of which are coming to or already on PC anyway. A few indie devs after the press conference even say Xbox versions are on the way later, and we all learn the lesson that exclusives are nearly dead in games.


Seems everyone is bit more behind Sony than they were for Microsoft. We're all expecting Uncharted and some new IPs, but hopefully Sony will surprise us with the revival of some classic franchises. Tomorrow we'll get to the most popular of the big three (as far as TAY predictions) - Nintendo! .

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