I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello ladies and gentlemen of TAY, welcome to my special PSA. Lol, that almost rhymes, AHEM- I usually do not like to cause a ruckus, but it has come to my attention that this place keeps on giving off a decaying vibe. It exudes lethargy and a lack of circulation, and that, ladies and gentlemen, really saddens me. But I can understand the lack of participation, since I've found myself to be thoroughly busy this week. No, what really throws me off, is the apparent lack of interest in keeping the TAY spirit alive, not the actual state of the spirit. Thus, allow me to address my opinions as to the current state of TAY, and how to best deal with them.

I- "The new format is really unfriendly, and really puts me off from commenting"

Ok, I can agree that a UI change can be quite daunting, but it's no reason to suddenly stop participating, is it? Perhaps the most common complaint is the new scrolling format, or lack thereof. Sure, it's a tad more uncomfortable, and maybe even visually unappealing, but it works, doesn't it? What did the old format include? Well, it featured the original comment/post, and then a thread of replies set in chronological order that were organized in a vertical fashion. . . . and well, that's exactly what we have here, right? Only difference is, now people can reply to replies and have them organized by columns in such a way that each reply may have their own respective thread. What? Is that not functional or something? I think it's pretty neat, we can now see more discussions on one page, instead of having to focus on a sole one and scroll down. OH, I KNOW! The issue is now having to press a "next" button, right? Is that it? More button pressing is deterring users from participating in the forum? Please don't tell me you're serious, I don't want to lose friends because of something like this. . .


II- "The new 'Author' system really limits participation"

Ok, I can agree that something like this can be an issue. Hell, when I wasn't an author, I rarely posted comments on Open Forum, so I can totally get where you guys are coming from. But then something magical happened, good ol' Callisto found out and told us all about the tag system. POOF! TAY Classic was born! Now, click on that link. Do it. Scroll down, and see all the posts. Check the amount of comments or views. Not many, right? OH! And the format's basically the same as Old TAY, and everybody can post on here. So I don't see the big deal. What gives, TAY? Why aren't you posting away and commenting and discussing away till you can't post anymore?? Is it "because it's too formal"? I've seen people post casual, everyday posts, and nobody seemed to reply or care about those either. I hear some say "I don't want authorship because I feel I'm expected to write a lot of quality content". Yea, I can understand that too, since I've been sorta hesitant myself from posting since I have nothing big to share or anything like that. But I still go on to TAY Classic and the Open Forums and post away with my casual bullshit, just as I did on Old TAY. Then, there's those who want authorship, but don't post anyway. How am I supposed to go around and "sponsor" my fellow TAYers to get authorship, if there's few posts in general? If I have some spare time, I go through the stuff on TAY Classic, and see what articles are nice and I think others might enjoy. I see a cool one, and I share it on main TAY, and hopefully, good Mr. Dyram and Mr. GBD will grant them authorship. I've seen quite a few of you get promoted, and praised by fellow TAYers, and that makes me feel optimistic that TAY will live on. But then there's a huge gap of emptiness, and I feel let down (not that you guys owe me or anything. . . . . although some nachos sound good, right about now. Anybody know where I can get some good nachos??) You guys don't have to write Pulitzer worthy shit, you know? You can just jump in and give us some of that random nonsense we all like to mindlessly mumble out. Hell, my last formal post was about Anime OPs and EDs, and I totally half-assed the writing, and just said what came to mind (like right now. . . . .pie. . . . .PIEEEEEE. . . . .). So I really don't see why you guys aren't just going all out in TAY Classic. . . . .it's the tag system, huh? You can just ask me how, and I'll gladly tell you how it works. It's not hard, hell, if I can do it, I don't see how you guys can't. And once you use it, you just have to click on the option again and done!


III- "We need more anime stuff in here"

Yes, agreed. Post away, people. I saw some user-reviews about some series, and that made me happy. How about we make a tag called AniTAY or something like that. Any ideas?? $20 to whoever gives me a good idea. . . .ok, no, I need those $20 for dinner tonight :P


IV- "Tech Issues"

Ok, I have NOTHING. I'm not a tech guy, and I'm just barely able to fully use my Mac. . . . . speaking of which, whenever it starts up, Terminal pops up, and Java starts to script stuff or something. Should I be concerned? I have Java turned off on Safari, but I use Firefox for school and TAY so- My bad, off topic. Anyways, I dunno, I saw some guy (sorry I forgot your screen name! ^^;) going around compiling a list of tech issues (among others) with the new TAY, and why not head on over there and voice any concerns. Hopefully the people actually running Gawker can fix it or something, I dunno


But anyways, that's all I have to say. Sorry if I came off as some douchebag asshole, but it's really depressing to just see this site become a ghost town because of a format change. I mean, I'm doing my part, so why don't you guys also try? It's only dead if you're not there!

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