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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY PSA+Poll: "Private" Posts And Kotaku Content Sharing

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Alrighty. So, I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but I posted an updated version of our TAYtorial. And I'd like to thank you guys for the feedback, since some of you brought up good points. As a result, I'd appreciate it if you guys gave this survey a go.


I- It has come to my attention that there may some issues regarding TAY Classic. Due to the nature of the tagging system, we have two TAY Classics:

The first link is what should be considered as the "Official" TAY Classic for universal use. Since TAY Classic is really just a listing of posts with a common tag ("tayclassic"), any post that features the tag will show up, whether it is being posted to your "Personal Blog" on Kinja, or on Talk Amongst Yourselves. The second link is the collective list of posts featuring the "tayclassic" tag, that are posted to TAY, and not Kinja. That means that only author's posts will show up there, whereas the Kinja TAY Classic will feature everybody's post as long as it has the tag. If you have been using the incorrect link, I would strongly suggest and appreciate it if you switched to the correct one. And if you have shared or featured a link to TAY Classic on a post, I would advise you to check if it's the correct one, and if not renew the link. An easy way to make sure you're on the correct TAY Classic is by checking to see if the "Talk Amongst Yourselves" logo is present at the top, and if the font color is pink. If it's not blue, and lacks a logo, you are A-OK.


II- "Private" posts and Kotaku Sharing.

Another thing that was brought up in the TAYtorial was the daily content sharing that happens between Kotaku and TAY. If you don't mind having your article/post shared to the main page of Kotaku, or having it being mentioned in the daily TAY Blip over there, then continue doing what you have always done. However, if you do not wish to share your work over there, due to whatever reason, then refrain from posting it over to the front page of TAY. Furthermore, I would like to ask you all the following questions in order to further elaborate communication within the community.

  • Is the reluctance to post on TAY due to the possibility of having it featured a recurring concern? Do you feel it's a recurring concern within the community? If so, then why?

Up until now, the way in which posts are promoted to the front page is fairly straightforward. Non-authors get their work shared to the front, and authors can individually determine their post's destination. And in the case that an author's post isn't posted to the front page, we have generally assumed it wasn't for a reason, and is left there. However, in the case that somebody doesn't want to have their post featured, how does the adoption and use of further tags sound? CallistoEx has also established the use of the "Personal" tag for posts that are of personal nature, obviously. But the issue with the latter is that it may not necessarily mean that the content isn't intended to be kept within TAY Classic, depending on the author's intentions. Thus, with the suggestion of others, how about we use the new "Private" tag to determine the post's destination? Simply put, if it has "Private" as a tag, it's not meant to be shared onto the main page, much less Kotaku.


III- TAY vs TAY Classic

Finally, I'd like to conclude on a simple poll: Which of the following sites do you use when browsing TAY?

  • Talk Amongst Yourselves
  • TAY Classic
  • Both
  • I consider myself a rebel without cause and thus have chosen this last option, just for the sake of contradiction.

Thanks for your help and participation ^^ Together we're making sure TAY stays as a wonderful and nice place.

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