I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Quiz Bowl: Bonus Round

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Want to Quiz but don’t want to invest time and energy into joining a team? Well I’ve got a solution for you. Today at 5:30pm EST (hopefully provided my boss doesn’t jump me at 5, if he does, plan for 7pm EST) I will be hosting TAY Quiz Bowl: Bonus Round. No teams, just jump in and answer some of the greatest hits of Quiz Bowl questions (Read, repeats from the previous 4 rounds). Highest score gets bragging rights and access to Club TAY, TAY Discord’s premier club for hip intellectuals. Tom Haverford set it up for me.


Hang out in Discord and wait for me my loyal subjects. For I, Aikage Quizmaster, shall be there in and out all day to hype you all up with tales of mouse sacrifice and work bitching!

Also: The next round of TAY Quiz Bowl, where DKKC rematches their arch nemesis THUNDERLUST will be on Saturday at 8pm! CeliaR I need to know if you’re going to be there. Also: E1salvador needs a replacement.

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