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TAY Quiz Bowl: Losers Bracket! (Shardik, KCet, Gugsy, Hyconner vs. Novi, Barkspawn, Geostar, Tygore)

Hello hello! Welcome back to another exciting round of TAY Quiz Bowl. This time we’ve got two teams fighting for their right to stay in the game as defeats now mean an ejection from any chance at happiness of winning.


Doodle link to sign up for a time can be found here:

If there is not more than 2 people signing up per team teams are eliminated and TRCP are automatically advanced to the finals (lucky ducks!)

And just for because:

  • Signing up: 1 point per house per person signing up
  • Attending: 1 point per house per person attending
  • Fill in: 1 point per house per person filling in on the day of
  • Winning: 5 points to each house that has a member on the winning team

And since I’m super duper lazy, make sure to let me know you singed up and what house you’re in if you want them delicious points.

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