I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Quiz Bowl Round 2: Tonight, 5pm EST

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Round 2 is going to begin tonight in the AIM chatroom.

If you haven’t done so already please make an account on http://www.aim.com and leave your screen name below. If you’re able to, message me at issiyo. Some people have reported trouble doing so, you may have to add me as a friend first before you can message me. I’ll be in the chat all day so hopefully I’ll catch your message.


Tonight’s Match Up

Team Novibear will Fail Us (NWFU) vs. Team PS. The Stelarus Bus, K (PSRK)

The Prize Pool is sitting at 2.00$.

Should I scrap this? No one seems to care much about the prize pool. I thought it’d be a clever way to a. Keep everyone on the same page what with the pokes and b. To make the stakes a little higher. But it seems no one is too interested in the money, so ...scrap it?


I need an alternate.

jjayhere is unable to make it tonight due to work conflicts so I will need at least one person to step in. It’s first come first serve so if you’re interested, just show up. Also if you’re interested in just watching that’s cool too, come on. It was a heck of a lot of fun last time so we’d be thrilled to have you join in.



I’ve got the following Categories:

Movies - guess title based on 2 -3 words

TV - vanilla TV trivia

Video Games - Vanilla VG trivia

Comics/CU - Vanilla trivia

Video Game Band Names - guess the game based on the band name

Spam BOTany - guess the fruit/vegetable/tree/flower based on a picture

No music. If someone who isn’t playing wants to come up with music trivia I’ll add it, but I tried to make questions and they’re all just like, WHICH 90S PUNK BAND SHARES A NAME WITH A TERRIFYING CLOWN THAT LIVES IN THE GUTTERS


That’s all I can think of right now. Questions? Comments?

Please leave AIM screen names below!

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