I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Quiz Bowl: Round 4

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Round 4 is going to begin Saturday at 9pm in the TAY Discord #Tay-Quiz-Bowl Channel.


Please add your team’s four letter name abbreviation to your name to make things easy for me.


[DKKC] - Disturbed Kuroneko

[PSRK] - PS Stelarus Bus K

[NOVI] - Novi Will Fail Us


The Match Up

THUNDERLUST vs The Party Bus

I need alternates

KCet probably won’t be able to make it :( but so far it seems everyone else can AFAIK. Feel free to hang out in the chat until then. I promise to only @mention you three to fifteen times a day. I’m your secret admirer.



I’ve got the following Categories:

Movies - guess title based on 2 -3 words

TV - vanilla TV trivia

Video Games - Vanilla VG trivia

Comics/CU - Vanilla trivia

Video Game Band Names - guess the game based on the band name

Spam BOTany - guess the fruit/vegetable/tree/flower based on a picture

Music - Some really dumb music questions

Caged Wisdom - I show a picture of Nicholas Cage as someone else. You tell me who “someone else” is.


That’s all I can think of right now. Questions? Comments?

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