I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight at 1030pm EST the showdown (for real this time) between THUNDERLUST and PS. The Stelarus Bus, K? Will commence. This is to see who progresses to the finals and who gets sent to the losers bracket to square off against the reigning champs of the losers bracket - Team Disturbed Kuroneko + Celia and Kidechka.

Again, that’s Tonight, Sunday August 30th at 10:30pm.

That prize pool hasn’t budged from 2.00$ so I’ll mix things up a bit. Tonight for every person who is in the “Quiz Bowl Voice Chat” (you can mute if you’re not interested in talking), I will add 50 cents to the prize pool. I can’t give money away apparently.


Please note that I’ve made the Quiz bowl chat itself available only to Quizzees. As in, non Quiz Bowl members cannot type in the channel. Chat can still be accomplished via the #general chat if desired or via voice chat.

And now to bring it on home,

Join the discord Quiz Bowl channel

Also, because I’m a super nerd. I’ll be streaming the whole thing to the TAY Twitch Stream. Gotta put that thing to use somehow.

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