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TAY Quiz Bowl: Sign Ups

I’ll come up with a catchy title later. for now, by popular demand, welcome back...


We’re gonna be makin’ them thar teams in this here thread. Same format as last time. I will assign teams as people sign up. Also if you’re all waiting for shardik to sign up nyah - Shuriken to the knee!


General Outline for those not in the know:

  1. Quiz Bowl is a free form question/answer competition in a double elimination bracket format.
  2. Teams of 4 compete against each other
  3. If your team isn’t playing you can still show up and play fill in
  4. If you’re not on a team you can still show up and play fill in
  5. Question categories range from video games to music to TV to pop culture and beyond. I try to cover a broad range of topics.
  6. If you’re a lurker or don’t comment often, you’re still welcome to play! Just please commit to showing up to at least one or two of your team’s matches!
  7. Quiz Bowl takes place on the TAY Discord channel in the #Quizbowl channel. You cannot talk there with the appropriate role - to keep the hubbub to a minimum during quiz times.
  8. If you want to you can come up with a team name. Otherwise I will refer to you as Team XYZA where each letter is the first of each players username.

Sooooooo sign up below! I will put you on teams as you enroll and I’ll also bump this thread periodically over the next week (or until i’m flush with quiz questions to ask you!)

I’ll be trying to add people to teams throughout the night but I’m rather busy tonight so if I don’t respond i’m not trying to be rude!



Team Abraquidechkadow: Quiddity, Kidechka, DisturbedShadow, Abracadaniel

Team A MRA: Meathead, Raithulu, Armuun, AlmightyDuke

Team PT: PHC, Pigmatron, TGRIP, Twinkling82

Team SHKG: Hyconner, shardik, kcet, Gugsy

Team BarkStar NoviGore: Geostar, Tygore (maybe), Novibear, Barkspawn

Team PSwii2008, Celia, Reiner, ???

(Here are some more banners to promote this lovely game)

Artist Credit: Twinkings82
DS got real original
Kidechka actually tried.

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