I'm really feeling it!

You guys win a whopping 2.00!!! figure out how I can pay you (can I paypal 50 cents to each of you?) I was originally going to commission a beautiful drawing of this moment but then I went broke so enjoy this photoshop of each of you instead!



Because we all want to win SOMETHING!

Biggest Loudmouth Award

Geostar for saying possibly 3 lines of text NOT in all caps the entire 7 rounds even after I kicked him from the chat room for yelling ALL THE TIME

The Rules Stickler Award

DisturbedShadow for challenging 95% of my “tough calls.”

The One Who Got It Award

Twizm for catching on quickly that the only possible answer is Rockets or The Rocketeer


Best Sport Award

Quiddity for not complaining too much when I forced him to sub in for someone

That Guy Award

Barkspawn for making me push the time to a more convenient one for her much to the chagrin of everyone else, and then still not showing up


The Secret Weapon Award

RobGronkowski’sPartyBus didn’t show up to many matches, but when he did he kicked butt


The Comic Bookie Award

Celia R knew an awful lot about comic books. The rest of you tried to keep up.

The Greedy One Award

PSWii2008 was the only one who tried to do anything to raise the prize pool! No one else so much as poked.


The Living Up To Their Team Name Award

Novibear will Fail Us lost their first two matches to be immediately removed from the game. You kind of shrug and go, “What did I expect”


The “I don’t even know these people why are you making me play this game?” Award

Kidechka for not murdering me in my sleep gets a special award!

The Hot Streak Award

Shardik was on a roll, answering the most questions correctly in a single round in the first round of the game


The Good Try Award

Battleborn for being Irish and thus on a totally different time schedule yet still making it to one or two games.


The Thank God For KCet Award

KCet won the final match of the game on a tiebreaker question!

The Observer Award

Allthesewords was present if not in body, then in spirit - following along with my posts and requesting the questions to be posted.


The Dadliest Pun Award

Goes to PHC. No swearing, no inflammatory opinions. JUST A GUY ANSWERING SOME TRIVIA...with Dad puns. Left 4 Dad The Walking Dad, Dad space


Special thanks to everyone that came to watch or Sub in for a missing person. It wasn’t perfectly executed but I learned a lot and I think we had a ton of fun for the most part. (Seriously I still laugh thinking of those three rounds of The Rocketeer and Picholas Cage). If anyone wants to take up the mantle from here and have another go at it you have my blessing. I probably will not be doing an encore for quite some time.

I’ll leave the Discord Quiz Bowl channel up until next weekend in case anyone has some perverse desire to scroll all the way to the top and read the entirety of TAY Quiz Bowl.


Again, Thanks everyone! Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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