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Hey TAY I literally saw The Book of Mormon the musical Justmere hours ago. I have a lot of things I would like to share with you oh andalso I don’t want to be a Mormon even though they seems to be pretty open but Ido like their uniform of long sleeved white dress shirt and black slacks and atie of your choosing. It’s clean and neat perfect for interviewing as well. Ohwell before I get anymore Sidetracked Let us get on with the review.

I would like to remind you guys that this was brought to usby the guys from South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone as well as Robert Lopez whoI assume was the one who had the Broad way no how and they were a creativestorm when putting this together. I wish I could have gotten the coffee bookthat had kind of making story as well as all the songs and the script for theshow in it. But let me stop afore I prolong this any longer.



The Story is about two young Mormon Missionaries gettingsent to Uganda to help convert the people in the village they are stationed in.The two mains Elder Price a young Charismatic man who wants to complete theMission that god gave him and do something ♪Innnnnn-credibleeee♪, who’s assigned partner is ElderCunningham A pudgy high pitched little guy who isn’t that confident and has afew problems. At first they are just trying to convert people to the Mormonfaith but a lot of things happen along the way however I won’t spoil this forany one. You should really go see this.


The songs were amazing from Turn it Off, Hasadiga Ebowai andmy favorite Spooky Mormon Hell Dream. Everyone’s vocal performances wereamazing. I have not been to a musical since Annie and let’s just say that I don’tlike talking about that awful experience. However this was so wonderful eventhe folks with the smaller parts NAILED IT! Oh and the dancing was on point aswell kudos to the choreographer Casey Nicholaw!


The Stage Work and Flow

I am not sure how to better word it but the lighting and setpieces were just perfect they all did what they were needed to the switching ofleaving a door on set for it to be turned and the scenes renewed was clever asopposed to other plays which normally have to close the curtains between everyscene change. Things were kept very fast paced with there only really being oneintermission an hour into the show.



I am not even going to say anymore but if you are easilyoffended don’t go see this it’s all great fun though. The humor is all throughthe songs and the dialog. It’s just a funny musical that’s amazing and vulgaras it wants to be.


Not enough General B.F.N.

There is a main antagonist in the movie and I was reallyhoping he would have a musical number. However this makes more sense inhindsight as he doesn’t have a musical number truly keeping to his villainous vibe.



So yeah I liked it here is a review card


Seriously though if you guys are interested here just go totheir website its great

Novibear Signing out. Please tell me of your musical and broad experiences!

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