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TAY Review: The Wolf Among Us

So I didn't know why Neryl hated me so much and then after much thought I realized it's because I never posted our Wolf Among Us Review. (that MUST be it :P)

Part of it is that I have no damn idea how to get the color codes to work in Kinja. I'm no web designer. Evidence here.


But it should go up and I sort of broke my own rule of, "It doesn't have to be perfect." So, without further ado....I'm going to break this up into different sections and hopefully have some navigational ability to it so it's not just a giant wall of text.

A quick recap for those not in the know: A bunch of us took on the task of writing a collborative review to get an idea of how the Wolf Among Us played. The idea was that everyone comes to a game with a different idea in terms of what they're expectations are and what they're looking for....

Special Thanks to SupremeEvan, Neryl, BattleBorn, and ToastyFlannel for contributing. Hopefully I'll be more on the ball next time in terms of getting the review up before 2 months after everyone finishes. (I'm SORRY. Seriously. I was overwhelmed with the idea. Although I don't like how it looks now maybe in the future I can figure out something better. )

Also thanks to SylverFyst for some suggestions on formatting/readability.

Even if you're not interested in this game, could you please just glance through the review and give some pointers on how to do it better next time? This took quite a bit of time for everyone involved in terms of playing the game and writing down thoughts. It'd be a shame if no one made any comments.


Onward to the review!

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