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TAY Review: The Wolf Among Us *Update*

Introductory info:

1. Idea


2. Sign Up

If you still wish to sign up feel free. This is going to be as low key as possible so if you want to just drop in and say, "DIS GAME ERE SUX INNIT?" that's fine. Just pick a color first.


I think this week we'll start with some sort of format. I know some people have already played the game but if you haven't just go on to the doc and fill in an answer for the question I posed there at the minimum. If you've already beat the game feel free to fill in your whole review.


Here's why we need colors. Someone will start us off by reviewing. Anyone can then discuss the person's review inline with the points the first reviewer made. This may end up as chaos or it may work out brilliantly. Again, we're going to tweak as time goes on. I like LoserMLW's idea of sort of guided questions so I'll try to think of some more.

I was originally holding out hope that the Vita version of the game would drop sometime early to mid November but that's looking to not be the case. I'll pick it up and play on my PC then. I'll try to finish this weekend but I'm in a competition with BattleBorn to see who can be the least productive, so we'll see :P.


Without further ado, here's the google doc.

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