Hey howdy hey TAY folks! I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon (or what ever time it is where you are).

Since the unveiling of "The TAY Review" assets and format a while back there have been some concerns with the original review card. Most of them were, "I can't read the darn thing, because the text is so small!" Don't even get me started on how it looked on most phone screens. So with that in mind I've rearranged and revamped it with a more clean look.

You may have seen it in my Mario Golf: World Tour review, which launched on Friday.

I've renamed all the layers involved and provided a "fill in the blank" version for anyone and everyone to use. Hopefully Dex can help us by updating the GIMP files as well. For best results from Photoshop be sure to "Save for web and devices" under File, as opposed to just saving it as a normal JPEG. Makes the colors look brighter and the text more legible.


The new assets can be found here.

The GIMP files of said assets can be found here.

Reminder #1: If you don't have Photoshop or GIMP and you need a review card or header image made simply send me all the info and the screenshots you want to use. I'll gladly drop everything into place and send it back your way as soon as I possibly can.


Reminder #2: You don't have to use "The TAY Review" name or assets when writing a review for games/movies/books/food/shows/cats, but if you do please make sure you're following the format correctly. I repeat - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THIS FORMAT.

Reminder #3: Mother's Day is coming up. Get your mama something nice.