Howdy TAY! You may have noticed things look a little... different today. That means one thing, our reviews are changing too! Don’t worry, we’ll all get through it together.

First off, let’s talk about the new image size. The new magic size to prevent Kinja from Kinjaing your photos is 800 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall, anything else will become a blurry sack of awful, so do your best to keep your images that size if you can. The old size of 636 pixels wide still seems to work if you want your images to align better with your text as well, so resize them before dropping them in Kinja if you want to do that.

Most everything else is the same, just bigger. As always, if you intend to write a TAY review of a game there are a few guidelines:

1. Make sure the game has a solid, announced released date. No nebulous stuff like ‘2016’ or ‘Q4’ 2015, please.


2. If it does, head over to the sign up sheet and sign up to review it. (Make sure you’re on the right tab for the right platform. The tabs are on the bottom. If you sign up on the wrong tab, you might miss out on.)

3. If you’re writing a TAY review, make sure to use the assets provided in this article. That’s it!


So, what’s different about the review format? I’m glad you asked. It’s honestly not all that big of a change, so hopefully it’ll be easy to get used to! For starters, we’ve got new banners designed by our very own SupremeEvan that take advantage of the larger space we have available. The new ones look like this:


Pretty cool, right? The new review kit also includes a new set of retro banners and a new review card, too. The new-new Kinja’s big text also caused some of our previous formatting to look a little funky, so we’re making a minor change to how headings are handled.

Instead of Header 4 for section headings, we’ll now be using Header 3, which looks a little better on this new theme.


The biggest change of all, of course, is the review card. It looks like this:


It’s got all the same info as the old card, just redesigned to make better use of the new space. The old one was a bit cramped, so this one should have way more space for all your needs.

An important note, the new assets include the font we use (Keep Calm) for reviews as well as the retro font for retro reviews. Make sure these are installed before you open up your review card, or it’ll look really bad.


Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Ready to get started? You can download the new assets here. Make sure to thank Evan for all his hard work if you use them, he really came through for us in a pinch!

If you have any questions, just drop me a line here in the comments and I’ll help ya out. Happy reviewing!