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TAY Rewind: This Week's Best Streaming Moments (Memorial Day Edition!)

The basic premise of TAY Rewind is: post cool stuff you saw this week on Twitch, YouTube, or wherever! Did you see someone do something cool? Tell us about it! Did you do something cool? Show us!

Special thanks to SpaceGar for today’s TAY Rewind header image. If nobody posts another, I will subject you all to my terrible art skills next week. You have been warned!


It’s Memorial Day here in the US of A, which means a lot of us are home and likely playing video games. I had planned to stream last night, but a sick son threw my weekend plans into a tailspin! What are you guys watching or streaming as a result of the long weekend?

Last week, ResidentHamburge suggested that it might be nice to know when TAY’ers tend to stream. So, if you like to or plan to stream this week, let us know in the comments! I’ll try to keep a list in the post so that people don’t have to go dig.

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