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TAY Role Call: Some Important Issues At Hand

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So there's lots of new faces and I don't know who half of you are. Also, there are a lot of old faces who feel like they're fading away into obscurity. So, I wanted to start this thing as a little meet-n-greet for new and old alike. Though I may have an ulterior motive at hand...


TAY isn't a novice writing site for plebs that want to impress Kotaku-san; it's a unique entity unlike any other in the gaming world, where people from all walks of life and varying degrees of penmanship are enabled to write journalism-level articles that exceed the quality and variety of that on Kotaku (which isn't hard to do). While it's easy to see the front page of TAY flooded with dailies, open threads and other obligatory foibles, the real purpose of this site, at least in my view, is to invite the articles of gamers and other dorkwads (and I mean that lovingly) who don't normally have a voice.

To that end, I think TAY has a lot more potential. I think it's easier for us, being a smaller community, to settle into cliques, than it might be in other spaces online. While this will provide some satisfying back-patting for the folks who communicate regularly with each other, it does run the risk of making the website more hostile to newcomers with some great ideas, and the old dogs who feel like people don't give a damn about their content anymore.


So I wanted to create this article as a springboard; I wanted to create a spark that might draw out the voices of those who feel left-out. So tell me about yourself, TAY! Who are you? What do you like? What do you want to see this site become? I feel like we don't ask these questions of each other nearly enough, and I think we're floating apart as a result.

As for me? I'm PyramidHeadcrab. I'm Canadian, I consider myself somewhere between chaotic good and true neutral, and I'm very much a fan of diplomacy; though I do reserve the right to be a bit of an asshole if it's justified. I'll frequently talk about politics, and I try to write articles to create political discussion, raise public awareness of industry bullshit, or just write whatever bullshit comes to mind, just to spice things up a bit. Some people love me, some people hate me, and most ignore me. But I'm okay with that. As part of a community, I enjoy playing the role of a shit disturber to allow people to work out their inner tension, and I enjoy fixing things that look broken. I think our Kotaku overlords are a bunch of stuck-up pricks drinking the white, middle class, overeducated Kool-Aid, and my biggest pet peeve is people being pretentious or placing me beneath them. I am a massive advocate of equality for all.


So what about you? Tell me in the comments. Talk about whatever you feel like.

Long live TAY.

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