I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I hope this is coherent. I woke up at 3:30 am freaking out about the stupid experiment today.


Today I want to talk about strategy meetings. As this is a team game, there's gotta be a way to real time chat with your team. At these meetings you would discuss

  1. Any team power ups and who is going to pool which points.
  2. Any individual Power ups that you want to use.
  3. Did anyone not reach their level goal? Are you going to save them or repeat the level? (the not meeting the level goal thing I will know about on Saturday night. I'll assume you're going to save unless you guys tell me otherwise for the needs of posting the new level goals on Sunday AM)
  4. Any known injuries/important things that pop up (someone going out of town and won't be able to run for a week for example.)

For those that just want to run and record points and just use this as a little motivational tool or whatever, these meetings are not necessary. But if you want to play the game these are going to be fairly mandatory. That's a bit of a problem as I know we're all on different schedules and getting together all at once is difficult. That's why I want to bring this up now because if you are never going to be able to make even one strategy meeting, then please drop out now. Again, if you don't think you'll ever use a power up and you never plan on not meeting your level goal, then you don't need to go.

So the big big big big questions are

1. How?

2. When/what time?

I'll discuss the When first. Sunday morning at 6:30 am the level goals are posted. Sunday evening I'm going to get the stats page up. I'll say around 9 pm. The strategy meeting has to take place before 9 pm on Sunday otherwise I will have nothing to update the stats page with :D. So either Saturday or Sunday is probably the best day for strategy meeting. By then you'll have an idea of where you stand in terms of points. Either or both days work for me, so villains let me know. Light Brigade talk to Neryl and TUT. I'm assuming we'd separate? Or would it be more fun to just have one giant chatroom with both teams?


As for the how?

We could TRY to use kinja and have a thread about it, like a Saturday Strategy meeting. I don't know how well it'd work. But that's one option.


We could try to use AIM, or Skype.

We could use the IRC chatroom! Ha!

All right here's where I really need your input!

Teams - if you don't see your name let me know!


Rules - if you are lost!


Sign ups and Free points week - There's still time!


Log your points- or don't if you're on Light Brigade! Villain Victory by default! PS. e1salvador wants you to know: driving standard after squat thrusts is a bad idea!

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