I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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OK, so we're rapidly approaching go time and the only pressing issue is still how we are going to plan our strategy meetings. I'm just going to shoot this out there and we'll see.


For Villains:

How does Skype work for everyone? My screen name is Issiyo. Please add me and I'll do a group chat. We can plan on meeting Sunday around 11 am eastern? I'm just going to set a time and a device as I didn't get too much input except that many of you have Skype :D. I'll be around at that time, but the glory of Skype as our method is it will keep history, so if you wanna use a power up but don't wanna strategize, just pop in to the group chat say, "XXX here, using ZZZ! Happy Trails!" and you can take off." Even though we don't have much to strategize, let's shoot for meeting this Sunday just so we know it is a feasible system. If you have Skype, and you're comfortable with Joe, Dick, and Jane having your Screen name, leave it below and I'll add you. Else, just add me and mention your TAY SN.


For LB:


Things I've learned from points logging:

Marsh Naylor is SylverFysts nemesis. Those guys are unstoppable.

Granarcanum is either cheating, or did 12 miles/120 minutes at once.

I'm going to be logging 9 points a week for a long time unless I can somehow inject myself with steroids.


Novibear's exercise of choice is marching.

All righty folks, remember to check Sunday morning for your level goal and let's have some fun!


Remember: Points are to be logged Here until SUNDAY. STARTING SUNDAY (1.12.14) SWITCH TO NERYL'S EXCEL SHEET. (Neryl...gimme a link, I lost it :D)

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