Week 7 is here! Great job to Team Plusle for a great comeback. I had all but written you guys off as having given up but you've narrowed our lead considerably. As it stands:

Team Minum: 207

Team Plusle: 187

Considering we were 100 points up last week, that's...damn amazing. The good news just keeps coming too! For this week only, Double Points has been unlocked

Double Points (15 points): Double your points for the week. Stacks with Take a Hike. Double Points is still considered a Power Up modifier - ie. 40 points is 20 points for the sake of nemesis resolutions. The most broken power up from season 1 returns!

Team Minum

Aikage 35

I_Kluge 0

Morie 40

Quiddity 40

Migaru 35

Timehacker 30

SupremeEvan 30

Stygian Knight 30

Team Plusle

Nach 30

TUT 35

Barkspawn 40

Aestevalis 35

Novi 40

Dangerous 30

John 30

Only two weeks left everyone! We're almost there!