I didn't really plan to write patch notes this week as I think we're at a point where things are pretty smooth. But Neryl has gotta be a Nerly bird.

So I've come up with the following solution:

Team Power Ups

Neryl and Taxes (3 points): Neryl's weekly points are put into the Bank of Run Clubia (hereto referred to as "The Bank"). The losing team may pay 3 points on Sunday. At the end of the week, if they're still losing, they may take half the difference in points that they are losing by from The Bank if it is there. For example if at the end of the week the score is 250 to 200, the losing team may remove 25 points from the bank. If The Bank does not have the amount needed, the total value of points in the Bank are given and everyone on the team gets 1 extra points. Points taken from bank are given to the team captain. Neryl sighed, "Furby, you still haven't fixed my column."

Also Drafting price reduced to 6 from 7.