I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Run Club: Get Set!

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Hello there! I’ve gone ahead and created the Spreadsheet! You can now begin to think about logging points.


Also JOIN THIS: Discord Link

I need to be able to talk to people on the fly and hunting people down on kinja is the worst possible way. Just get the desktop app or mobile app. One or the other.


The game starts TOMORROW!!! Get your running shoes on folks!

Excel online link:


Team 1

  1. xSpiegel X
  2. RavenWest X

Team 2

  1. Realm of Dartheon
  2. Bittersweetjesus

Team 3

  1. Division -Ten
  2. Division - Ten’s Roommate

Team 4

  1. Quiddity X
  2. HyConner X

Team 5

  1. Barkspawn
  2. Datacide

Team 6

  1. Aikage X
  2. Kidechka X

Team 7

  1. E1salvador X
  2. Novibear

Team 8

  1. GranArcanum X
  2. StygianKnight X

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